Koh Tonsay

Cambodia has very beautiful islands. One of them is located at about 4,5 kilometers from the south of Kep city, at just about 20 or 30 minutes by boat.
This is Koh Tonsay, a small tropical island, with a forest of coconut palms, beautiful beachs, surrounded by clear and warm waters.

Today, seven fishermen and its families live on the island, offering you guesthouses on the main west beach.

I advise you to stay a couple days !

Transport :
take a boat for $5/person.

Accommodation :
a bamboo hut will cost you $5/night or $7/night (with private bathroom).
included :
- Bed with mosquito net
- basic toilet (manual)
- hammock
There is no electricity except : 7pm until 10pm

Restaurant / Bar :
at the menu, crabs, grilled shrimps with Kampot pepper, fresh fish... and beer.

Attractions :
- relaxing on the main beach 250m of this peaceful island
- walked in the forest
- swim in a crystal clear water (snorkeling is possible)
- sleep under the stars and the full moon

You can find crabs, geckos, frogs ...
There are also a lot of animals : cows, pigs, goats, chickens...

Welcome to the most peaceful and relaxing island of Cambodia !